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We ensure high-quality bespoke services that respond to the unique needs of our clients. Our range of services is both efficient and effective.


Tell us about your business, technological or development challenges and our team will be pleased to suggest cost-effective innovative solutions.

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We carry out training needs assessments to design bespoke training and capacity-building programmes including its cascading. We have expertise in developing and carrying out customized training programmes for officials of the private sector, government offices, and at the community level.


We carry out both qualitative & quantitative research, gender assessments, ethnographic studies, including randomized control trial (RCT) research, and value chain studies. We can customize research according to the clients' needs ranging from advice, program development, or business solutions.


We help develop a Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) for projects and programs – including setting baseline values, targets, and indicators. To track performance we also offer customized services to carry out monitoring & evaluation, including baseline, midline, and end-line surveys.


We conduct dialogue among diverse stakeholders to help forge consensus on policy issues and business solutions on a range of issues. We can engage stakeholders from a wide range of the spectrum, including women, children, and men in the community, to local gatekeepers, and duty bearers.


Tell us about your business or development challenges and our team will be pleased to suggest cost-effective innovative solutions.


Tell us about your business or development challenges and our team will be pleased to suggest cost-effective innovative solutions.

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We design projects with innovative and gender-transformative strategies that tailor to address the unique challenges our clients aim to address. We also implement public-private partnership pilot projects keeping both sustainability results and scalability of intervention in focus.


We are adept at providing policy advice, developing public policies. We provide policy advice on a range of development issues including education, labour, international labour standards, skills training, social protection, gender, health, and Corporate Social Responsibilities.


Our IT solutions assist clients to resolve their development or business challenges. We off robust IT solutions to complex information management challenges enabling our clients to make evidence-based decisions in sync with the present situation on the ground.


Our team designs unique communication campaigns that rely on electronic, print media, social networking, and SMS for maximum engagement of target audiences. We also develop video documentaries and information education and communication products.

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